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Nøche de Veranø: Tropical Storm is the first edition of an annual summer program that exhibits video art and film coming out of Mexico and the US. It is an extension of sodA, a cross-cultural initiative of place-based programs and developments that promote civic engagement and social impact through creative production.

This summer’s edition is a traveling screening of six short films produced by collectives, collaborators and artists based in Mexico City. Each work possesses individual, eclectic qualities that are unified by the act of building a narrative about Mexican identity and experience.

Tropical Storm brings these works together to help make diverse dialogues within our communities more durable by touching on topics such as resistance and opposition, ascribed market value, personal history and spatial memory, multicultural parallels, displacement and immigration, and harnessing new ways of living by building on community power.


Cooperativa Crater Invertido | Permanent Holidays: How Come Some Leave and Others Stay Behind? Biquini Wax EPS | A Dangerous Obsession Eduardo Makoszay Mayén & Diego Salvador Rios | MG&SI Jose Eduardo Barajas | Efecto Dragón Tania Ximena & Yollotl Alvarado | Tsu'an: El momento más oscuro de la noche Lorena Lira & Ildefonso Mercadillo | Aché

Programmed by Galia Basail-Mulcahy

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