To defeat the purpose:Guerilla tactics in Latin American Art

13 Jun – 11 Jul 2020

Curators: Vincent Ruijters & Pablo Cendejas

date: 13 Jun – 11 Jul 2020 opening hours: Thu. and Fri. 12:00-19:00 Sat. and Sun. 12:00-18:00 *Admission Monday – Wednesday possible through reservation venue: Aoyama Meguro 2-30-6 Kamimeguro Meguroku Tokyo Japan 153-0051 

Aoyama Meguro is pleased to announce “To defeat the purpose: Guerilla tactics in Latin American Art” , will be held from Saturday June 13 to Saturday July 11, 2020. Note on re-opening : We hereby “don’t” cordially invite you to view the reopen show in person. The new measures include: social distancing, limiting the number of visitors at any given time, hand sanitiser upon entry, and possible suspension of gallery activities when necessary.

A dichotomy emerged in Latin America. Surrounded by monuments, unfairly valued. Independent exhibition spaces emerged. Only later to become monuments in their own rights. Scarcity provoked creativity and the lack of solid cultural structure permitted fluidity. Young Latin American artist developed ‘guerilla tactics’ as a reaction to this situation. The wide variety of ways to approach exhibition and art practices that evolved from this is displayed by 19 young artists in this exhibition. Does the stark contrast between these pristine walls and their wacky interventions bring justice to their injustice?

Partcipating artists: Wendy Cabrera (MEX), Marek Wolfryd (MEX), Marco Aviña (MEX), Karla Kaplun (MEX), Carlos Martinez (MEX), Lisa Giordano (USA), José Eduardo Barajas (MEX), Lourdes Martinez (MEX), Tenet (Kevin Hollidge (CAN), Julia Eshagpour(USA)), Maximiliano León (MEX), Rodrigo Echeverría (MEX), Samuel Nicolle (FR), Hellene Alligant (FR), Santiago Cendejas (MEX), Alonso Cedillo & Lilia Casillas (MEX), Ana Blumenkron (MEX), Mario Peña Güemez (MEX).

Curatorial Team: Vincent Ruijters PhD (b. 1988 in The Hague, Netherland. ) Artist and curator. Currently lives and works in Tokyo. Ruijters’ work is mainly focused on emotion and human relations. Overstimulation, speed and coldness of contemporary systems clash with the artist’s need to cherish and express what is deeply human. This clash forms the context of his work, which ranges from physical computing to watercolours. Physicality, materiality, technology, interaction/participation and the sense of touch are fundamental elements in his work.

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